The Way We Were

Brook Street 1951
Note William Lucas Store & Phil Dwyers Bus

Hunting Lodge in Cabin Field
Near Old Ballfield

Another View
Bay St. George Hotel

Robert (Bobby Louvelle)
Looking towards Prairie from "Hill"
Looking up Main Street towards Cashin's Garage and the old Anglican School
Fire on Main Street
Looking up Main Street towards Cliff Mckays House
Main Street Fire
Note old St. Michaels School, Convent, Church and Priests House
View of Main Street Fire
Sheep looking for food near train
Crossing Station in 1945
Notice poles and wire lain at side of right side of track ready to be installed in early 50's
"The Pit" (Brumseys Lane)
View after fire on Main Street, note burnt trees on left near where hotel was
View of Main Street early 50's
Main Street before fire that burned theatre. Theatre on left near back of photo
Main Street in 1950's
Loggers near dump bundling logs for flatcars
Loggers in 1950
Pictured are Roy Banfield(Black Hat)Naughton McKay(Second Man)Arthur Fleet(Man in white shirt)Martha Banfields house, AV Gallant Store, Old railway station, old post office
Area of railway station 1940
Westland Motors which was located near the present day Town Council Office
Westland Motors

Looking up Main Street before pavement

Anglican School on Seal Cove Road

Main Street in 1950's

Old Beachview Hotel Main Street

Old View Cottage Hospital

Logs being loaded onto flat cars

Logs floating in Bay near Dump

The town of Stephenville Crossing would like to acknowledge with thanks
the following people who provided photos for this album:
Roger Miller
Rona Brake
Joan Downey
Delores Morris
Charles House
Karl McFatridge
Doreen and Danny Bennett
Lena Gabriel
Harold Wells
Robert Louvelle

If anyone has old pictures that they would like to add to this album,
they can contact Linda Wells. Photos are scanned only(no reprinting)

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