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Top Prairie Pond Habitat.The area is very accessible and much of the natural landscaping can be used as a blind. There is a man made bird blind in the memorial garden that gives an excellent view of the pond.

The best time to bird watch is in the spring and fall, when many of the birds are in their migratory patterns. Back yard bird watching can be done all year long and there are many species of birds that remain in the Crossing area year round.


If you are interested in attracting birds to your yard, he suggests you plant trees, berry bearing bushes, and flowers. Another important part is to provide a multiple feeder, that is big enough for about a dozen birds to eat from, at the same time. Many birdwatchers make small feeders from tin foil, which when placed on the ground, attract flying birds. Terry feeds the birds in his garden all year, but less in the summer because they can find plenty of food naturally.

Residents of Stephenville Crossing can expect to find a variety of birds in different feeding areas. A list of the local birds, can be found and printed out from the links provided at the bottom of this page. Some birds are seed eaters, like the

Northern Shrike,while others, like the Warblers, eat insects. Land birds are easier to recognize than sea birds for beginners. Canada Geese and the Scaup are two of the sea birds that most beginners identify right away.

Each year there are bird watchers all over Newfoundland and Labrador like Terry, who take part in the Provincial bird count. This is important, because it helps to keep track of the migratory bird numbers and species, as well as the resident birds in each area.


If you want to participate, you should fill your bird feeders and keep them full to attract as many birds as possible. Areas that birds are frequently seen at during the count are, the Gut Bridge, Black Bank, old road to Stephenville, White's Road, and of course in the center of town at the Prairie Pond Habitat. Here are some rules to follow if you participate in the count:

Note the place
Time of day
Weather conditions
Take a photograph if possible
If the siting is of a rare bird, contact a local birder to help you authicate the sighting.
Last but not least, enjoy yourself

Terry related two short stories to me during this interview and they can be read at the link below.

Terry's Birdwatching Stories
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The Birds of Stephenville Crossing

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Terry has some advice and hints for anyone who would like to start birdwatching as a hobby.

Bird watching needs:

Bird books
Note pad and pen for recording what you see
Lots of patience and the ability to remain quiet
Love of the outdoors.

Terry suggests that anyone living in the Stephenville Crossing area, should start at the