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Neil Dollard and Terry Downey on Memorial Garden Tour with St. Michaels StudentsSt. Michaels School is located near the Habitat and the students have assisted with the project while learning the fundamentals of an inland habitat.

Tours of the area are encouraged because this is the perfect site to learn about all aspects of a wetland habitat, including the rehabilitation of a wasteland to a wetland.

St. Michaels Grade 4 class on tour of Habitat with Mr. Neil Dollard and Mr. Terry Downey, members of SCECC Children on Viewing bridge near entrance to Prairie Pond Habitat Children on tour in September 2002

The Prairie Pond Habitat could be considered an outdoor classroom and supplements the Grade 4 program on biodiversity. During the tour many different types of birds and waterfowl are seen, as well as plants that grow naturally in the area and others that have been planted to enhance the area.

Students viewing ducks through bird blind in David Russell Memorial Garden Children viewing ducks from fence area of Memorial Garden

A positive bi-product of the tours, was the increase interest by students in nature and conservation. Tours are open to all schools in the area and can be arranged by contacting the town office at 646-2600.

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