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Stephenville Crossing Places of Worship and Associations
Assumption Parish
Hospital Road, Stephenville Crossing
Services, Daily
Saturday 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am
Telephone: 709 (646)2232
Diocese of St. George's
All Saints Anglican Church
Main Street, Stephenville Crossing
Contact Person:
Rector, Rev. Karen Laidin
Deacon, Rev. Gwendolyn Butler
Services, 11:00 am. each Sunday
Rev. Karen Laidin (709)643-1266
Rev. Gwendolyn Butler (709)646-2959
Anglican Diocese Western Newfoundland
All Saints Anglican Church will be celebrating their 75th, anniversary on Nov 1st, 2004. A Cordial invitation is extended to all former Clergy and Parishoners. Please plan to attend, we would love to have you!
We have 75th Anniversary Sun Catchers depicting the church. They sell for $ 10.00 each and can be obtained by contacting either Ashton McFatridge 646-2088 or Phyllis Joy 646-2977.
Educational Facilities
College of the North Atlantic-SC Building
Seal Cove Road
Contact Person: Helena Russell
Telephone: (709)646-5700
Frequently Called CONA Numbers
Happy Tots Nursery School
Hospital Road
St. Michaels School
Contact Person: Sandra Critchley
Open 9:00 to 3:00, Tues. and Wed.
Telephone: (709)646-2822 EXT:17
St. Michaels School
Hospital Road
K to 8
Contact Person: Ray Noonan
Telephone: (709)646-2822
School Web Site
Community Action Commitee
Family Resource Center
St. Michaels School
Contact Person: Marilyn Howell
Open Thursday, 10:00 to 2:30
Telehone: (709)643-5399
Appalachia High School
St. Georges
Grades 9 to 12
Contact Person: Steward Critchley
Telephone: (709)647-3381
Health Services
Stephenville Crossing Medical Clinic
Hospital Road, Stephenville Crossing
Contact Person: Dr. Parsons
Clinic Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:00
Two Physicans
Telephone: 709 (646)2233
Crossing Dental Clinic
54 Main Street, Stephenville Crossing
Contact Person:
Dr. G.W. Hatch
Telephone: (709)646-2400
Out of town call: (1)800-374-2824
Bay St. George Long Term Care Center
Seal Cove Road, Stephenville Crossing
Telephone: (709)646-5800

BSG Long Term Care Center
Tender Loving Care Home Care
Telephone: (709)643-9401
Public Health Nurse
Hospital Road, Stephenville Crossing
Telephone: (709)646-2862
Health and Community Services
Meals on Wheels
P. O. Box 250
Stephenville Crossing
Meals on Wheels Telephone: (709) 646-3240

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