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Update: 01.06.04 
Local Heros Receive Commendation
Update: 01.06.04 
Transcript Presentation Ceremony-April 13, 2004

Mock Disaster
Lost berry picker found
Teamwork saves Moose
Hunters found in good condition
Beavers take part in
"Lost in Woods" workshop
Man/niece found
after almost freezing to death

What do all these things have in common? They are just a day's work in the lives of the men and women of the Barachois Search and Rescue Team.

They work in offices, forestry, and manufacturing, but at a moments notice, they become, the unsung heros of most rescues that have a happy ending . They spend over 500 hours a year, training to perfect their life saving craft.


Vehicles in SAR building in Stephenville Crossing Interior of SAR building in Stephenville Crossing

In 1981, in response to the communities need for a group of trained individuals to aid in the search for lost or missing persons, a group of concerned individuals formed the Barachois Search and rescue team.

The organization provides assistance to the R.C.M.P. in the search for missing or lost persons. It helps to secure accident or crime scenes, transports people to safety from remote locations, and provides assistance to Municipalities in the event of local emergencies. The membership is a combined effort between the communities of Stephenville Crossing and St. Georges.

SAR members on search near Gut Bridge at Stephenville Crossing SAR and RCMP on search Search and Rescue at Barachois Brook Park SAR on duty with RCMP at forest fire near Barachois Brook

They are tasked by the RCMP and are ready for deportment 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week. The team serves the same geographic area as the RCMP, which is East from Georges Lake, South on the Burgeo Road, to Peter Stride's Lake, and West to Port Aux Basques. They work with Transport Canada's Office of Boating Safety to promote safe boating in its area. Members conduct courteous vessel inspections to help boaters identify the right equipment required for their boats. They set up static displays showing the equipment required and distribute printed material for the public to read.


Barachois Search and Rescue is well equipped with a mobile command center, which is used to provide communication between the various groups working on a rescue such as the RCMP and Fire Departments.

SAR Mobile Command Vehicle Interior view of Command Vehicle  

They are also equipped with a 4x4 pickup, Zodiac rescue boat, hovercraft, street dirt bike, rescue toboggan, and a host of first aid equipment and supplies.

Members operating Hovercraft near Stephenville Crossing Members training on Hovercraft in winter Winter training near Russells Funeral Home in Stephenville Crossing Vehicles and Equipment in SAR building in Stephenville Crossing

SAR members training at Grand Lake  SAR tents set up near Gut Bridge in Stephenville Crossing Winter training SAR members


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