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TopMichael Frances Greene with his life size painting, of Newfoundland Ranger Michael Frances Greene, who was one of only 3 Rangers to die in the line of duty

When people in Stephenville Crossing think of Mike Greene two things usually come to mind, teaching, and running. Mike has been a teacher in our community for more than 26 years, 24 of which were spent at Assumption High School, first as Physical Education teacher, and then as combined Phy Ed, Science, and Math teacher. He moved to St. Michaels School, 2 years ago when Assumption amalagamated with St. Joseph's High in St. Georges.

Mike is also very well known for his running ability and has won numerous competitions over the years. He began running in 1969 and still enjoys a run of 5 hours weekly, whatever the season. His most recent win was the Canadian Championship in 1991. Mike also ran and placed 114th, out of a field of 10,000 competitors, in the famous Boston Maraton. When training for competition Mike runs 10 hours weekly.


Something that most people don't know about Mike is the fact that he is an accomplished artist. In a recent interview Mike revealed his secret for success in painting, practise! He started painting by reproducing art works of the Masters. He enjoys the work of many famous artists such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Velazquez.

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night  Girl with Pearl Earring, by Vermeer Painting inspired by a piece of sculpture called the Three Graces 
Famous Newfoundland Painting called the Trinity

Now that he has fine tuned his skills, he paints things that are a part of his everyday life. A tour of his home will show you paintings that have great meaning to Mike on a personal level.


Below you will find examples of the types of paintings Mike is now creating.

Painting called Linda's Sunflowers, painted for a special person in Mike's life Painting called Daisies Our Lady of Fatima, Mike used a small religious card from his youth as his inspiration

Vanitas is Mike's favorite painting to date. It has much symbolic meaning for him. Vanitas or Vanity is a story in, and of itself, of the vanities of life. Humans strive in life for many material things, fame, the trappings of wealth.

Vanitas (Vanity)

In the painting Mike portrays some of life's vanities, trophies, jewellery, wine and rich foods. As you look closely at the painting, you will see small reminders that life is fleeting, the candle almost extinguished, the unfinished fruit, an empty water urn, and an hourglass soon empty of sand.

In this painting, Mike has reminded us that, when the fire of life is finally extinguished, we will leave behind the trappings of our vanity. It is a reminder to enjoy the important things in life. To look for happiness in the simple things in life, like the love and respect of family and friends, because these are the things we should be remembered for.

You can view some of Mike's art online at



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