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TopKarl at his home in Stephenville Crossing

Karl McFatridge is a familar face to the residents of the "Crossing". His father Charles, left Sandy Point to open a business in Boswarlos. He then came to the Crossing to set up business and Karl was born here. As a young lad he went to work with his father in the family business. They operated 2 shops in Stephenville and 1 in Stephenville Crossing. In the early years the McFatridges employed between 40 to 50 people, in different areas like logging and the unloading of coal shipments from Sydney Mines, which were then distributed to other areas of the province.

Karl became an entrepreneur himself when he opened his first business on Hospital Road approximately 48 years ago. He then operated a Theatre and Karl's Canteen, a favorite of everyone in town who loved sweets and a good chat. Although Karl has now retired, the store is still in operation today, under new management. Karl was always very active in the All Saints Anglican Church in our community and remains so today.


During my interview with Karl, he related a story about his grandfather, that will be of interest to people who are familar with Stephenville Crossing

Karl's grandfather, Mr. Henry McFatridge, was born in December 1867 at Sandy Point and was a Master Marnier. In the early years, St. Georges River area (Local residents refer to the area as "The Bottom of The Bay") was accessible through the area of the Gut now spanned by the Gut Bridge.

Ships could move freely into St. Georges River from other areas of St. Georges Bay. Henry built a schooner at the bottom of the bay and when almost completed floated it down through the bay to the area now referred to as the Prairie Pond Habitat. The schooner passed down the Prairie, through to the area of Mr. McIntosh's Print Shop and across the area now claimed by the Bay St. George Long Term Care Center in Seal Cove. The journey was complete when the schooner reached Rothsday Bay, at which point the spars were placed on the schooner and it was put to sea.


The town of Stephenville Crossing is built on a flood plain and most residents, due in part to the build up of residental and commerical buildings over the years, forget that it was once almost covered with water. There was in fact a flood in Stephenville Crossing in December of 1951, which damaged many of the areas of the Crossing. This

linkwill take you to more information about the 1951 flood.

When Karl retired 13 years ago, he looked around for a hobby to keep himself busy and productive and found woodworking. He makes items like birdhouses, and flowerboxes, but his prize works are his ships. As you can see from the photos he pays attention to every detail. Karls Ships can be seen at his home on Main Street, near Colemans Food Store. Here are just some of the ships he has built.

Great attention is paid to every detail The Titanic Note the masts 

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