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Neil Dollard, committee chairperson, and steering committee members Teri Dunphy, Terri Downey, and Jim Mercer with his Newfoundland dog Darby McGill, observing one of the sites in town that was planted five years ago.

Tuesday, April 20, was an exceptional day for the Conservation Committee of Stephenville Crossing, according to Neil Dollard, Chairman of Conservation Committee Inc. (CCI)

That's the day he took a telephone call from

Unilever Canada Foundationin Toronto and was thrilled to hear they were awarding a $5,000.00 grant to the CCI to plant native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in their wetland site.

CCI feels this is exceptional for two reasons. First, the amount of money will help in speeding up the enhancement of the area's wetlands. Secondly, this is overshadowed by the fact that, in receiving the grant, the committee has been recognized for its accomplishments during the past 10 years in protecting and promoting its wetlands.

"To even be eligible to apply for such a grant, to be evaluated, and then to be awarded this sum of money is an honour," Dollard said. "We are truly grateful to Unilever Canada and Evergreen for their recognition and support."


Unilever Canada is a diversified consumer products company that produced a wide range of food, home and personal care products. Unilever supports organizations that are making positive changes to restore and protect the ecological integrity of rivers, lakes, and wetland ecosystems. It employs more than 2,000 people across Canada

In May 2002, Unilever Canada launched the Unilever Canada Foundation, an initiative dedicated to supporting youth and the environment. Growing Towards Green, the foundation's environmental component, works with several environmental organizations to help build awareness of the environmental issues that currently affect Canada's unique ecosystems.

Evergreenis one such organization Unilever has partnered with to help accomplish this objective.


In December 2003, Evergreen's Common Grounds program was established to engage communities in the stewardship of Canada's urban aquatic habitats.

Stephenville Crossing Environmental Conservation Committee(SCECC)is a community-based volunteer non-profit group that has recently become incorporated. It is now known as Conservation Committee Incorporated (CCI). It has partnered with the Town of Stephenville Crossing, Stewardship Association of Municipalities, Eastern Habitat Joint Ventures, Human Resources Skill Development, ACOA, and the College of the North Atlantic.

Through such partnerships, much has been accomplished during the past decade and new initiatives are developing for the summer of 2004. It is hoped, by this fall, the wetland site will be expanded by 25%, fenced to provide protection for the wetlands, and beautified with an abundance of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

Dollard said a lot of work went inot preparing the application for this grant. Some of the key criteria included: developing project details from established goals, creating a budget, identifying sources of revenue, demonstrating past experience in planning and carrying out aquatic or other aquatic habitat restoration projects was essential; the project had to improve the catchment area for fauna and flora; there had to be long-term maintenance and control in place to guarantee the future of this wetland site; and there could not be any negative environmental impact.

Mayor Leona Webb congratulated the CCI. "It is certainly good to see a group which has put so much work into our wetlands recognized by such a prestigious foundation," Mayor Webb said. "Our town is so fortunate to have citizens who put their community first, and work hard to enrich and enhance it."

Preliminary work will start in early May. A steering committee to oversee the location and planting of these indigenous trees, shrubs, and wildflowers, has been set up.

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Stephenville Crossing Environmental Conservation Committee changes name and receives grant!