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"The Stewardship Association of Municipalities" (SAM). Members meet twice yearly to discuss items of mutual interest relating to wetland enhancement and conservation.

Official signing of Municipal Stewardship Program,Bud Hulan, Rex Gibbons, Mayor Urban White Signing of no hunting zone, with Girl Guides of Canada in Attendance Geese feeding in No Hunting Zone  Shortly after the Stewardship agreement was signed, a group of Girl Guides, with the help of David Russell, went to council to ask that the Stewardship area be designated a no hunting zone. They had been out on a field trip and found a brood of young ducks and were concerned about them being taken by hunters.

Mr. Urban White, mayor at the time, explained to the girls, that the jurisdiction for putting a no hunting zone in place rested with the Provincial government. Mayor White and council agreed to contact the province on behalf of the girls.

The proposal was sent to government, approved, and a no hunting zone was declared. Since the implementation of the no hunting zone, it has been noted by many people, that there has been a tremendous increase in the waterfowl population.


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On April 10, 1995 Stephenville Crossing, one of several Newfoundland communities, signed on to the Municipal Stewardship Program to protect and enhance the wetland areas in and around its community. The stewardship area encompasses a total of 11,565 acres. The town, along with the other wetland communities in Newfoundland formed