Rachel McIlroy (formerly Stokes) from Manchester UK wrote at April 15, 2012:
Hi there, my mum and I have just been exploring your wonderful website and reminiscing about the six months we spent living in the Crossing 30 years ago. We were wondering if anyone remembers my dad (Dr Neil Stokes who was a doctor at the clinic) my mum Sherry or me (G6/7) or my brothers Tim (G5/6) and Edward (G2/3) who attended St Michael's school during our time with you.
Ben Cawk from Los Angeles wrote at April 13, 2012:
Im looking for anyone that might remember the Cawk Family. I have a great uncle who lived in the area. I think he may have passed, but would love to hear from anyone that has info. My email is: [email protected]
Jason Brennan from Stephenville Crossing wrote at April 4, 2012:
Hello, Just want to say...Very nice website; exceptionally well done...Still miss home, especially hearing the waves rolling in on the beach late at nite... To this day that remains the most relaxing sound in this world.. For some reason, though, the train rolling through town was also peacefully in some kinda way back then! Perhaps thats before other peoples time but I also remember the train putting me to sleep back then.... -Jason
Vanessa Coggan from Sussex, NB wrote at April 27, 2011:
I have started to compile the family history for my husband who just recently found out who his biological father is. I am looking for anyone with information on Dora Dorothy Young who passed away in March of 2010. Her grandson (my husband) was able to meet her a few months before her passing which was a great blessing to both of them. It would be nice to have some more family history as well. Thanks, Vanessa
fred.simmons. from the.crossing wrote at April 13, 2011:
does anyone remember the family simmons. gertrude or fred. i am their son fred
ron carter from stephenville xing wrote at December 27, 2010:
Always special to put your feet on the soil of your birthplace. Memories of ones childhood are so special nothing can replace it. Although I've made my home far away, I will never forget. Hi too all my old friends.
B.J.SMILEY from BONITA SPRINGS, FL wrote at November 19, 2010:
Hi Frank, I might have known the Jeanne you are talking about. My e-mail [email protected] BJ
frank [cork] horner wrote at October 29, 2010:
I had a friend about age 18 or so Jeanne Gabriel [not sure of spelling] in 1956. When I left Nfld in 1958 she was a patient at Corner Brook sanitarium. Not sure whether she lived in Stephenville Crossing or closer to the airbase. Very fun times nfld
B.J. SMILEY from BONITA SPRINGS ,FL wrote at October 14, 2010:
Hi, Just saying hi and checking for new enteries.
Robert Fago wrote at August 7, 2010:
do you have any information on the fire of the hotel at the crossing.?? I lived across the street when it burned down???I was looking for some pictures of it???late 1958 early 1959???I was stationed at the base..and was living down there???.thanks for any info,, Bob
BJ from Naples, FL wrote at August 6, 2010:
It nice to see the Guessbook starting up again. Don't be shy fellows and girls, get in here and post a comment. Tell us alittle about yourself and where your from.
Don Cosh wrote at July 22, 2010:
After Harmon Field air force base closed, my father, also Don Cosh or Buster Donald Cosh, was working in your town as a barber. i would like to know if this can be verified and dates given for his time spent there.
Jack Montgomery wrote at July 22, 2010:
Stationed at Harmon 1956-57. Spent a bit of time in the " Crossing " and Black Duck Siding. I remember the Jack O'quinn family,daughter Teresa and of course the fabled "Newfie Bullet ". The people of Newfoundland were hospitable and friendly to young and lonely GI's and believe me, no one stationed there will ever forget them.

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