Update: 01.06.04
Stephenville Crossing Wetlands to be protected through grant

Stephenville Crossing Environmental Conservation Committee

The SCECC was formed in 1998 through a joint effort of the Town of Stephenville Crossing and the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture Organization.

The committee, made up of local residents has the following mandate:

The enhancement of wildlife habitats and protection of the environment within and adjacent to the community.”

The committee started work immediately and clean up of the area around the Gut Bridge and in the Prairie Pond area was completed. Members attended a two day workshop on the establishment of a backyard habitat.

In 1998 they obtained funding from the Federal Department of Environment, through their EcoAction 200 program, and started a backyard habitat project in the Prairie Pond area. The project monitored by the EHJV biologist, included a bird observation area, the planting of trees and shrubs to attact wildlife, and the construction of a walking trail.

The whole area, has great potential as a tourist designation site, as well as a learning site for local students, who want to study ecosystems and the wetlands.

The committee indentified some things that had to be done to help develop the site further. The control of ATV’s, promotion of the area as a naturalist site, and development of signage to aid in interpretation of the wildlife, flowers, trees and shrubs.

With many of their goals reached, the SCECC members are now providing tours of the Habitat upon request.

In the Gut Bridge area, the committee has discovered nesting pairs of Piping Plover, which are an endangered species. This summer students were hired to help educate the public about the Plover and to protect the nests where possible.

The committee remains active and dedicated. They are always looking for new members and interested residents can contact Mr. Neil Dollard or the town office. Any resident who would like to purchase a tree for the memorial garden, or to plant flowers along the trail, can also contact Neil for further information.


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