The Future looks Bright

Work on the project is ongoing. Signage has been identified as the next issue to be address. The signs will help to educate visitors and residents on the waterfowl, animals, fish, plants, flowers and trees surrounding the Habitat.

This past summer large rocks were deposited at areas around the site to allow dedication plaques to be displayed. The SCECC is hoping to encourage residents and service groups to “adopt” an area of the trail or garden to develop and care for. The planting of native plants, trees, and shrubs will be encouraged as well as overall maintance of the area.

A recent discovery was the presence of “Banded Killifish”. These fish are only seen in 2 other areas of Newfoundland both of which are also in Stewardship areas. This American Conservation site has some information on the killifish.

The Town of Stephenville Crossing would like to acknowledge with gratitude the invaluable help of Mr. Neil Dollard in the prepartion of the conservation section of our site. The information on these pages was obtained through interviews with Mr. Dollard.


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