A Gift For Visitors

The Prairie Pond Habitat is now home to many waterfowl, wetland animals, and several bird species. Flocks of American Wigeon, Pintail and Black duck are resident and use the area as a breeding site. Killdeer are seen there frequently. Redwing Blackbirds, who nest in few places in Newfoundland, can also be found on the pond.

Just this summer, an American Bittern was seen and photographed, in the rushes surrounding the pond. The American Bittern was seen in large numbers before backfilling of the pond took place and it is hoped that they will begin nesting again in this area.

Mr. Ralph Jarvis recently visited the site and took photographs to be used in other Backyard Habitat seminars. The Prairie Pond Habitat is being used as a model to show other communities what can be done when residents, private sector, and government work together.

The Prairie Pond Habitat is also unique in Newfoundland due to its accessibility. In other wetland communities in Newfoundland it is necessary to drive down a road, then walk to the wetland area. In Stephenville Crossing you can park your car, take out your (binoculars), and view the waterfowl from your car window.

If you wish to see all the area encompassed by the pond habitat, a walk on a well kept 1.5 KM trail will take you around the entire area in about 15 minutes, although the majority of visitors linger much longer because there is so much to see.

The “cesspool”, rodent, and insect infested Prairie pond, located in the center of town, has now been transformed into what has been referred to as the “Jewel” of Stephenville Crossing.


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