Town Council

Our Vision

“We see an attractive, healthy, and self-sufficient community, with a sound social structure
and quality of life.”

Stephenville Crossing Council Members
Mayor Leona Webb, Deputy Mayor Brian Joy,????Councillors Jerry Bennett,??Lisa Lucas, Vince Parsons, Cynthia Downey, Jenny McKay.

The town of Stephenville Crossing has had an elected council since its incorporation in 1958. The current administration consists of a mayor, deputy-mayor, and five councillors.

The council is responsible for the effective delivery of services and programs in Stephenville Crossing. Some of the services and programs they administer are water and sewer maintenance, snow clearing, zoning and building development, fire protection, recreation, economic development, and street construction and repair.

Contact our Councillors

Mayor Leona Webb???? 646-2355

Deputy Mayor Brian Joy 646-2008


Vince Parsons 646-2489

Lisa Lucas 646-2080

Jerry Bennett?? 646-2224

Cynthia Downey 646-2860

Jenny McKay 646-5582

The mayor and councillors recognize the need to build on their community’s potential. They are taking an active approach to economic development and the promotion of Stephenville Crossing as a quiet, safe place to live, do business, and a unique vacation spot for bird watchers and naturalists.


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