Urban Wetland Habitat

To involve landowners whose properties bordered the wetland, the Province held a Canadian Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat Workshop, to promote wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Mr. Ralph Jarvis held a two day seminar at the firehall in the town which was attended by 17 residents.

From this workshop the Stephenville Crossing Environmental Conservation Committee (SCECC) was formed. The committee had both a beautification and an environmental mandate. The first chairperson of the committee was the late David Russell. Their first committment was to oversee the Prairie restoration and to provide a clean up of the Estuary area around the Gut Bridge, which is another migratory area within the town’s Stewardship Mandate.

In 1998, with the full support of the town and a host of partners in place, SCECC developed and submitted a plan for funding to the Department of Environment, through their EcoAction 2000 program, to rehabilitate this local wetland.

Funding was approved, and was supplemented by, in kind donations, including but not limited to HRDC, Abitibi Price, The College of the North Atlantic, Altantic Minerals, the Department of Forestry, Western Construction, Harvey Gale and Son. Work began immediately on the project. The project, monitored by the EHJV biologist included a bird observation area, that would allow for improved viewing of waterfowl and other wetland species.


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