Prairie Pond

Located in the center of the Town of Stephenville Crossing, lies a small urban wetland known locally as “The Prairie”. “The Prairie” was regarded as a worthless wasteland and a non-productive tract of “not quite land”. Identified as an area to be filled, to create a recreational area, the wetland would have been lost forever if not for a chance encounter and the dedication of a group of community naturalists.

Why are Wetlands Important?

  • Wetland areas provide an irreplaceable wildlife habitat.
  • They help to control flooding.
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Conserve and renew water supplies
  • Filter pollutants from drinking water
  • Support economically important recreational activities
  • Encourage tourism
  • Are crucial to the sustainability of a healthy planet

The links at the left will take you through the interesting story of the Prairie Pond Habitat and its importance to Stephenville Crossing.

More Prairie Pond Photos Here


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