If you like snow, Stephenville Crossing is the place to be in winter. We usually have snow by late November although with climate changes we sometimes are well into December before activities like Skiing or Snowmobiling can take place.

Late in November we see the last of the migratory birds feeding and preparing for their winter flights. Bird watching in Stephenville Crossing does not stop because of snow. On clear days you can see birds such as European Starling, Black-capped Chickadee, Mourning Dove, Blue Jay, Dark-eyed Junco, Grosbeaks, and House Finches.

Once the snow has settled in for the winter, the sounds of snowmobiles can be often heard in the distance. There are regulations to be followed of course, but the Canada Trailways runs through the town and can be accessed at several points. The regulations for snowmobiles can be viewed here

The flat bog area behind Stephenville Crossing is an excellent cross country ski area. You can access the bog from numerous points in the town. If you prefer a groomed trail the Whaleback Nordic Ski Club is just 15 minutes away by car. Once winter is well under way there are many small areas where you can skate and of course we have a well developed outdoor rink located in town. The children enjoy the numerous areas for sliding especially near the elementary school.

Winter Carnival time brings skating parties, bon fires, marshmallow roasts, and snow sculptures galore. If you like brisk, fresh air and plenty of snow activities, visit us anytime from November to early March.


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