The colors of Autumn in Stephenville Crossing are a feast for the eyes. Beginning in early September and into late November the forests look like an artists palette of reds, golds, and oranges.

The wetland bogs and fens at the back of Stephenville Crossing are also a photographers delight.

Autumn is the best time for viewing many of the migratory waterfowl in the Stephenville Crossing area. A short walk will take you to St. Georges River at the back of the Crossing, where hundreds of Canada Geese can be seen feeding and resting in preparation for their long journey south. Flocks of Merganser, Scaup, and other waterfowl are being seen in increasing numbers, due in no small part to the no hunting rules that have been implemented in the area. This fall also saw the return of an American Egret, which is rare to our area of Canada.

As you can see Stephenville Crossing has lots to offer if you are a photographer, naturalist or just out for a afternoon drive. If you visit, be sure to ask residents where the best viewing areas area.


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