Yvonne Young brings a wealth of experience to her job as Clerk/Manager of the Town of Stephenville Crossing. Yvonne has worked for council since 1980, 22 of those years as Town Clerk and 8 in her present position as Clerk/Manager.

The Clerk/Manager’s job is to serve the council and the community and to bring to the local Municipal government, the benefit of training and experience in administering Municipal projects and programs on behalf of the council and residents.

The manager prepares a budget for the councils? consideration; recruits, hires and supervises the town’s staff; serves as the council?s chief advisor; and carries out the council?s policies.

Ms. Young is assisted in her work by Mrs. Carolyn Blanchard, Office Assistant. The town also employs Emma Alexander in the office on a part-time basis. Richard Downey and Percy Young are the 2 full-time employees in the Public Works Department. The Public Works department is responsible for the maintenance of Water and Sewer, road repair, snow clearing, and other Municipal services as directed by council.


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