One of the first signs of spring in Stephenville Crossing, is the appearance of our hardy flowers. Bright yellow Daffodills and Crocus, which can often be seen peeking through the melting snow, reminding us that a new season has begun.

Residents, eager to brush off the long, cold winter, are out in their gardens, cleaning and planting. Our wetlands, woodlands and shorelines, come alive with bird songs. This is an excellent time of year to view the large numbers of migratory birds who feed at various locations in town.

One of the earliest birds to herald spring in Stephenville Crossing is the American Robin. The Prairie Pond Habitat also becomes a hive of activity when nesting birds like the American Wigeons, start new families.

Town residents can be seen out walking in large numbers, enjoying the clean, invigorating spring air. Outdoors School activities, like cleanup, and visits to the Habitat, Gut Bridge and Black Bank areas, start to increase. Local birdwatchers spend lots of time hiking into the woodlands, along the seashore and wetlands areas, hoping to spot a rare bird or two.

If you enjoy crisp, fresh, air and birdwatching, you will love Spring in our town.


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