Life in Stephenville Crossing

The ethnic diversity of its first settlers helped to make Stephenville Crossing what it is today. The first settlers were resourceful people of French, Acadian, Mi’kmaq, and English descent, who migrated here in the latter part of the 1700′s and the early 1800′s. Some of the early English settlers moved here from Sandy Point.

From its earliest beginnings Stephenville Crossing’s greatest attributes have been the resilience of its people, the quality and diversity of its heritage and natural environment.

Stephenville Crossing, Sandy Point, St. Georges, Stephenville, and the communities on the Port au Port Penninsula are all closely linked, due to the migratory nature of families from each of these communities. Although it is located in what was once called the French Shore, , which was historically known for its fishery, Stephenville Crossing residents did not make their living from the sea, as other French Shore residents did. Some fishing did take place, but on a small scale. In the early years most made their living from farming, logging, trapping, hunting and railway construction.


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