Parks and Recreation

Research has shown that participation in physical activity and recreation, can provide positive benefits related to psychological health, physical health, familial interactions , peer influence, academic performance, Community development and other lifestyle behaviours.

Stephenville Crossing has several facilities that encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for all its residents, no matter what their ages. We have two well kept ballfields, an outdoor ice rink, a community playground, and lots of areas for swimming. The flat bog area behind the town is used frequently in winter by Cross Country Skiers.

The Rec Department along with the Lions Club, run summer programs for children and takes part in other community activities such as the Annual Santa Claus Parade, Winter Carnival, Guy Falks Night, Fireworks displays, and July 1st celebrations. Many of these activities are done in co-operation with service organizations in the town such as the Lions Club.

Recreation is also a large part of the day to day lives of our children through our local elementary school. St. Michaels School has a full time Qualified Physical Education teacher as well as other P.E. teachers on staff, who promote healthy living and growth through daily activity.

Our school received the School Recognition Gold Award for Quality Daily Physical Education in 2001-2002. The goal was reached with the hard work of our teachers and of course the students.

There are a number of sport’s activities available to our children through the school and the community, such as Judo, Hockey, Basketball, Swimming program, Cross Country running and Skiing.

Even though Stephenville Crossing is considered to be a small town, just 1900 residents, we are fortunate to have an excellent work out gym facility in town. Everything necessary to maintain a healthy fitness level is available there.

Our town center, with its’ approximate one km circuit, is a flat, paved, ideal, walking area. The Prairie Pond Habitat Walking Trail, can be accessed from several areas around the circuit, and residents often add the trail walk of 1.5 km, to increase their exercise program. The circuit and trail, are used through all seasons and in all weather conditions. As you can see, Stephenville Crossing has all the components necessary, for the promotion of healthy living, through activity and recreation.


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