Nestled snugly between the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Long Range Mountains lies the town of Stephenville Crossing. The town is a happy mixture of old and new and has a great deal to offer visitors and residents alike.

As you view our site and learn about our community, you will see that the spirit of volunteerism started by our ancestors, when they built schools and churches with free labour, is still alive and active today in groups like the Volunteer Fire Department, the Conservation Group, Search and Rescue, and Youth Groups.

Whether you are looking for a place to live, to open a business, or to vacation, we extend a warm welcome to you. Stephenville Crossing is still, a community with heart.

  • The town boasts clean air and water
  • Best value in services for tax dollars
  • Acres of development property
  • Unique, easily accessible, wetlands
  • Post Secondary Facility
  • Three levels of Senior’s housing
  • Serviced by 2 full time doctors
  • 15 min. from Stephenville Hospital & Stephenville Airport

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


5 Responses to Home

  1. Robert Fago says:

    do you have any information on the fire of the hotel at the crossing.?? I lived across the street when it burned down…I was looking for some pictures of it…late 1958 early 1959…I was stationed at the base..and was living down there….thanks for any info,,


    • Chad Vokey says:

      I spoke with Yvonne about this question and that time period is before our time. But I’ve entered it into our guestbook as well. Maybe another user might have more information. So if anyone has any information we would like to know.

  2. Robert Fago says:

    thanks I’ll keep looking…Bob

  3. mary phyllis lucas legge says:

    i like your site very much i have been living in heatherton nfld for the past 38 years and i would like to know if you have any high school pics in the late sixties .From grade one to grade 8 .i have been trying to search for them a long time .i dont have any at all of when i was in grade one in 1961 could you please let me know if you have any i would greatly appreacheate it .Keep up the good work sincerly phyllis lucas legge .

    • Chad Vokey says:

      At the moment all the content we have is on the website. If anyone has pictures for Mary or any pictures of Stephenville Crossing you would like to show on the Town page email them to c_vokey at hotmail.com. I’ll do what I can to put them online for you